Top 13 Reasons To Love Salesforce

When it comes to technology, you have to keep an eye on every change of the market, because it changes at high speed.

The companies that maintain the balance between consolidating themselves as leaders and having that stability that clients search to put their trust on, without losing the flexibility of innovation and remembering to care about the people, are the ones that stand out among the rest.

Salesforce, a company that started as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform on the cloud, is now a giant but still complies with the features described above:

Here are my 13 Reasons that make me like Salesforce so much:

1.- It is the #1 CRM Cloud Solution, leader of the market.

And I do not say it, they are the more than 180000 companies that are their customer, and IDC or Gartner endorse Salesforce as a leader in each of their solutions.

2.- The economy and new opportunities in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

After all, a great company that is generating so many benefits can grow and offer growth opportunities in different countries. In other words, jobs for more people are an economic engine. They just announced 2.5 billion that they are going to invest in the UK, plus other 2000 million that they are injecting into Canada, and thus with more countries.

the salesforce economy

3.- Model 1 + 1 + 1:

You can claim that companies are doing things like this to deduct taxes and that all companies have social policies to have a good reputation. The fact is that things are being done, the fact is that this is better than nothing.

And the good thing is that despite being an initiative of the company, are the people who carry it out, pushed by that spirit of the company that encourages the people to do it. And when you have a good margin of profit, you can do more social actions as the last Dreamforce, when they donate …. to help homeless people of San Francisco.

4.-Einstein: the IBM Watson Brain plus the power of Google Analytics

The potential that it has is amazing. Find new customers, predict sales and expenses, analyze social networks and customer opinion and offer indications of what to do and what decisions to make. In addition to the 35 new applications and implementations that are planned for this year for the Einstein layer of the platform.

5.- Trust

One of its four main values. They have very stable systems, transparency in their accounts and status of their servers. The distrust that people have in the cloud counteract it with security teams, collaborators, monitoring, encryption, compliance audits, training … and in the Compliance section you can see the amount they have for each country. Lots of ISOs and permits that denote that they meet all the parameters required of a company in this category.

6.- The Growth and Success of the Client

Their second key value, we can see the cases of growth and success of your customers on your website. The secret to a good return and profits after implementing Salesforce is a professional team that knows how to take advantage of all Salesforce’s capabilities and that translates into faster and better KPIs, fewer technical support calls, shorter implementation time, better adaptation and greater overall satisfaction of the client and users. But the secret of taking advantage of these capabilities lies in quality training.

7.- It has been the most innovative company of the decade according to Forbes

For 7 years in a row it has been # 1 on this list until Tesla take the title, but guess what CRM Tesla is using? Hint: the logo is a blue cloud. With this, they fulfill their third value that makes up the DNA of this company.

8.- Equality

Equality is the fourth value that makes up the philosophy of this company. But we must specify what kind of equality. It is not equality that reduces opportunities, it is an equality that extends them.

We refer to equality in opportunities, equal pay, equal rights, equality in education and that technology, interconnection, new generations are fighting and breaking the barriers of the past and democratizing opportunities.

The future will be diverse but with healthy equality that leads to understanding or it will not be.

There are studies that show that equality in companies favor productivity. Regardless of this, it is necessary to understand that equality is a necessary and achievable goal, desirable in a world where we want to be happier.

9.- Community

Salesforce is so big, and the number of people who work with this platform is so great, that it does not matter where in the world you are, it is sure you will find a community and other “Trailblazers”, as the members of the community are called.

Among them they organize groups, activities, meetings, doubts, questions, proposals and ideas, events, get jobs, share material, and everything sheltered in the Ohana philosophy.

salesforce ohana

“Ohana means Family, and the family never abandons you or forgets you”

Mark Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, before starting the company, went to Hawaii and there he was fulfilled with that culture, which he then transmitted to the company.

10.- The best company to work for.
In different places, it has been named as one of the best places to work. But since 2018  is #1 company. Another prize more, translated into employees (people) happier.

11.- Partners ecosystem
One of the reasons for Salesforce’s growth has been to make smart movements, investments, and alliances. Notably, its partnerships with Workday, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (for the part of IoT), IBM, Google and at the end of last year, Apple.

It is also a long list of implementing companies and consultants with whom it collaborates.
And to nurture all this chain has the formative alliance part. We at K2 Partnering Solutions, work every day closing the digital talent gap.

12.- 3 Annual Technology Updates
The metadata architecture makes deployments much less painful and suffered than an On-Premise CRM. The end user selects which utilities he wants to include.

I have talked with consultants who have switched from other solutions to Salesforce for this reason.
In other solutions, they were fed up with the fact that each time they had to implement a change, they spend months and when it was already developed, it was no longer useful, it was out of date or they had to start over when the adoption of the previous change by the administrators it’s just starting.

That’s something that Salesforce has done well, in my opinion. Being agile
And that without talking about developing it then multiplatform, for mobile and tablet. Because if there’s something that bosses love, it’s seeing reports and the graphics on the mobile. What do you think?

13.- The growth that Salesforce is experimenting in India is the 3trd country with more job positions in Salesforce.
And it´s growing crazy with an increment of 45% per year! What are you waiting for to join this community!


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