Best Explained: Salesforce Edition Comparison, Pricing, Differences & Limits All You Need To Learn

 Salesforce Edition Comparison, Pricing, Differences & Limits All You Need To Learn.

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Below is the list of Salesforce Editions:

1. Essentials: Designed for small businesses that want to get started with a CRM system quickly. It includes intuitive walkthroughs and a setup assistant to get started, an easy-to-use UI, and administration tools to customize your deployment as you grow.

2. Professional: Designed for businesses requiring full-featured CRM functionality. It includes straightforward and easy-to-use customization, integration, and administration tools to facilitate any small to midsize deployment.

3. Enterprise: Meets the needs of large and complex businesses. It gives you advanced customization and administration tools, in addition to all the functionality available in Professional Edition, that can support large-scale deployments. Enterprise Edition also includes access to Salesforce APIs, so you can easily integrate with back-office systems.

4. Unlimited: Maximizes your success and extends it across the entire enterprise through the Lightning platform. It gives you new levels of platform flexibility for managing and sharing all your information on demand. Includes all Enterprise Edition functionality, Premier Support, full mobile access, unlimited custom apps, increased storage limits, and other features.

5. Developer: Provides access to the Lightning platform and APIs. It lets developers extend Salesforce, integrate with other applications, and develop new tools and applications. Developer Edition also provides access to many of the features available in Enterprise Edition.

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Below is the list of Salesforce Edition Pricing:

1. Essentials: $25 per month.

2. Professional: $65 per user per month.

3. Enterprise:  $1500 a year per license while a Enterprise license costs just $300 per license per user per year.

4. Unlimited:  $300. The pricing will now be identical for Sales and Service subscriptions.

5. Developer:  This edition is free for everyone. This Edition (often called as a “DE org”) also have certain limits on data and users. Developer Edition is used for these below 5 tools.

  • Trailhead – Salesforce’s free and fun online learning tool requires Developer Edition.
  • Development and Testing – If you don’t have a sandbox (a copy of your Salesforce production organization), you can use Developer Edition to isolate development and testing.
  • ISVs – Independent Software Vendors use DE orgs to create managed packages, which may then be released as apps on the AppExchange.
  • Developer Previews – Sometimes we release new functionality to Developer Edition before other editions, so you can practice with it.
  • Fun – You can have more than one Developer Edition, so use one whenever you want to mess around and try something new.

When you’re ready to begin developing, you’ll find that Developer Edition has equipped the full Salesforce CRM suite, along with all the latest developer technologies. Sign up for a Developer Edition and you’ll get your new environment provisioned immediately. Note that Developer Edition orgs continue to be available as long as they have some type of activity within the previous six months.

Salesforce Edition Comparison:

salesforce edition comparison pdf


salesforce edition comparison pdf

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