Salesforce Cheat Sheets

Salesforce Cheat Sheets

Hello, Friends, I am very happy to tell you all with this useful information. This post is only for Beginners. And for the experienced persons, this post helps them to refresh the things which they already know.

1 Apex Code Cheat Sheet [pdf]
2 Visualforce Cheat Sheet [pdf]
3 Formulas Cheat Sheet [pdf]
4 SOAP Web Services API Cheat Sheet [pdf]
5 REST API Cheat Sheet [pdf]
6 Chatter SOAP API Cheat Sheet [pdf]
7 Chatter REST API Cheat Sheet [pdf]
8 Security Cheat Sheet for Administrators [pdf]
9 Security Cheat Sheet for Developers [pdf]
10 Git Cheat Sheet [pdf]
11 Salesforce1 Admin Cheat Sheet [pdf]
12 Salesforce1 Developer Cheat Sheet [pdf]
13 Record Locking Cheat Sheet [pdf]

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