Best Explained: What Is Sales Process In Salesforce

Sales Process Salesforce

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Sales Process:

Salespeople and buyers have a new relationship with each other, and it has directly impacted the sales process. First, let’s understand the exact definition of Sales Process.

sales process is a set of repeatable, predictable, steps that a salesperson takes with a prospect to move them down the sales funnel to become a customer.

Why we need a Sales Process:

Clearly, I believe that measuring Sales Activities is a key ingredient to better sales management. However, reporting data on salespeople’s doing is not sufficient to control a sales force’s performance. To truly exert influence over Sales Objectives and Business Results, sales managers must not only receive relevant data, they must know what to do with it. They, therefore, need a way to organize a sales force’s activities into a coherent operating system with predictable inputs and outputs. They need a set of formal business processes. Based on this we need a Sales Process for our Salesforce.

Below are the steps of a Sales Process: 

It’s a Process: Seven Steps to Successful Selling. Learning Objective.

Step 1: Prospecting and Qualifying.
Step 2: Preapproach.
Step 3: Approach.
Step 4: Presentation.
Step 5: Handling Objections.
Step 6: Closing the Sale.
Step 7: Following Up.

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NOTE: A typical sales cycle starts with a prospect or a LEAD.  Like someone that a sales rep met at a tradeshow or found on LinkedIn or any social media. The sales rep then call the lead to gauge their interest.

If the lead is interested, the rep proceeds with the sales process to hopefully close the deal.

sales process salesforce

sales process salesforce

For complete reference visit: Create a Sales Process and Use Opportunities 

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