What Is Lead management In Salesforce?

What Is Lead management In Salesforce

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What is Lead:

In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. We can define Leads in different ways like it is a potential Sales opportunity/potential Sales/ potential customer contact/. It may be a company or an individual that shows interest in your products/goods/services.

Lead management In Salesforce

How leads are generate? Leads are generated in many ways like from Campaigns, through web, referrals, existing customer,  through online advertisements, online advertisements, TV advertisements,  and directs customers. Sales reps will follow up with leads and they convert lead as an opportunity. To convert lead as an opportunity some criteria is required based on the company.

Salesforce has the applications for Sales, Marketing & Service application. Lead Management is one of the key functionality to improve business. As part of marketing cloud Campaign Management & Lead Management, functionalities help customers to get more leads and to get more sales. Lead is one of the standard object provided by Salesforce and this object having attributes like Name, Industry, Company, Status, Owner, Campaign, Address, Lead Status and Annual Revenue.

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The lead status will change based on their interest. Status like Open-Not Contacted, Working-Contacted, Closed-Converted and Closed-not converted and also customers can create their own status based on their needs.

Lead conversion: Once the lead is eligible for conversion, we can convert lead as an opportunity. After conversion Account, Contact and Opportunity are created. If the account & contact already exist, then the only opportunity will create.

The Lead Rating field indicates value or prospect of the lead. for example, Hot, Warm, Cold. Entry is selected from a picklist of available values, which are set by an administrator. Each picklist value can have up to 40 characters.

A standard Salesforce lead record consists of fields that store information about each person that expressed interest to do business with your company. This record can include up to 25 different fields, but the most important of them are:

  1. Lead Owner;
  2. Lead Status;
  3. Lead Source.

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