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Inline Editing in Salesforce

Hello, Friends, I am very happy to tell you all with this useful information. This post is only for Beginners. And for the experienced persons, this post helps them to refresh the things which they already know. provides Inline Editing feature which is applicable to the entire organization – ADM 201 Certification Question
Inline editing is a feature by which one can edit a record without pressing the edit button. User goes to the detail page, doubles click on a field, changes to a new value and presses save. This process makes sure the field value is updated to the new value.
Inline editing limitations:-
  • Does not work for all fields, some fields are an exception to Inline editing like opportunity stage.
  • Inline editing cannot be turned on for one user and turned off for another. It is global and works for all or none – ADM 201 Certification Question
To set inline editing go to: Setup – customize – UI Settings – inline editing
Business advantage:- Saves on the no. of clicks required to edit a record.
Point to Remember:- If you have changed a value using Inline Editing but forgot to press the save button then those changes will not be saved and will get discarded as soon as you close that particular window.

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